Bring New Life to Your Company’s Stock
We have the wherewithal to breath new life into your stock; using our network of proprietary websites to bring immediate attention to your Company’s stock. Through our scalable database of over ONE MILLION active small cap investors, we can get immediate attention directed to your stock.
Your Dedicated Investor Contact
While you are busy building your business, and realizing increased investor awareness; you don’t have much time to concentrate on constant communications with shareholders, But we do. We can set up a dedicated line to field your investor calls, and get questions answered by an experienced professional.
Investor Relations Social Networking
As online presence is a key factor, your social network image must be considered . We will manage every aspect of your company’s social media & social news – making sure that you are represented in the best possible light. We will monitor and inform not only only on Facebook, Twitter & the like, but also on popular message boards & forums.
Press Release Writing & Distribution
We know how the investing community thinks, and we know how to meet them where they are. With our extensive experience in press release writing and distribution, we are able to reach out to them in ways that they are most familiar with, and accepting of. Knowing how to reach the investor is where we excell.
Article Writing & Distribution
Through our own sites and an extensive network of HUNDREDS of article directories, we are able to not only write about your company, but to tell the story of where your company is going; Even demonstrating that vision through videos that will be marketed through a long list of video publishers, including YouTube, Daily Motion & Vimeo.
Online Reputation Management
Your company’s reputation is its most important asset. Realizing this, we offer our clients the opportunity to have that reputation protected & treated with the value it deserves. We not only monitor news and reviews concerning your company, we can also affect their dissemination to the investing public.